Sunday, May 30, 2010

Entry #9--Environmentalism from an Astronomical Perspective

I'm on summer vacation, which, naturally, means way too much free time. I was clicking around on YouTube and stumbled onto this video, which appears to be some of astronomer Carl Sagan's famous quotes set to music.

Now, I'd heard Sagan's name mentioned before, but I didn't really know much of anything about him. Yesterday, I did some research, and learned about some of the things he advocated for. Among these was an idea I've seen held by other astronomers--their reasoning behind the importance for space exploration.
To them, it is an environmental concern, a safety measure. It seems that many astronomers seem to have resigned themselves to the idea that we on earth are doomed. Instead of taking that negatively, it fuels their desire to engage in expansion through the universe, not just limited to this planet Earth.
I've just always been fascinated by this idea and the possibilities it holds, so I figured, it's something that could be written about.

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