Friday, May 14, 2010

Entry #6--HankPlants

Where to begin...
There's this team of awesome nerdy brothers on youtube, see? And in the year 2007, they wanted to see if they could go a year without communicating textually with each other. They would only communicate through videos, Hank Green posting one day, John Green the next, for the entirety of the year. This project was a success, gained quite a following, and the Green brothers kept doing the project (now allowing themselves to textually communicate) through this day.
Now, to the present.
Hank Green's birthday just happens to fall on Cinco De Mayo. SO, John got all of his viewers, also known as "nerdfighters", to plant trees and plants for Hank's birthday. Hank, being a geeky environmentalist, would really appreciate this gift of oxygen.
Weeks later, this video was born.

In this post is my own video, in which I plant my Hankplants (sunflowers).

And a picture of my HankPlants later...

Best community ever? Oh yeah. I think so.
As we like to say in nerdfighteria, DFTBA (don't forget to be awesome)!

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