Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Entry #4--"Nature"

Today, while walking to class at the AFC, I walked past the pond. Off the path, something caught my eye…

See anything off about this?
Here’s a closer look…

See that? That is NOT a real rock. That is plastic. I just found something so completely jarring about the idea of plasticized “nature”. Google to the rescue! Why would someone decide to use such a strange device?

From Brookstone Gifts:
Faux rocks beautify your yard as they cover unsightly pumps, utility boxes, vents and other devices. Our lightweight decorative hollow artificial rocks are easy to use and versatile. Place one of these mock rocks over wells, pumps, septic system outtake pipes, valves, vents, utility boxes and other unsightly objects in your yard. Surround your artificial rocks with grass or shrubs for natural camouflage that blends into your landscaping.”

There is so much wrong with the above paragraph.
“Beautify”? REALLY? I’m finding nothing beautiful or natural about a plastic rock in an outdoor setting.
As the paragraph itself states, one can easily accomplish the same goal using grass, shrubs, etc to hide whatever it is that one wants hidden. This is all just so strange.

Along those same lines, something that has bothered me all year long is the amount of effort Chatham and surrounding houses (particularly those on Woodland Road and its various branches) put into their "beautification". We all love to see our beautiful campus, but really, does the grass need to be mowed weekly? How much energy is this wasting on our supposedly environmentally-friendly campus?

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